Floriane Lbty

Passionated for photography, philosophy and architecture,
I love to design projects which seek to develop the ability of publics to think critically. My evolving skills enables me
to carry out different projects on many media.



I provide visual and conceptual solutions in the fields of graphic design, art direction and photography. Public or private, established brands or startups, I work with the same passion and intellectual curiosity.

Logotype • Branding • Type • Edition • Posters • Signage • Illustration

My aim is to empower, engage and inform across print, screen and space. My goal is to enable you to enhance the reputation and the quality of your image. Together we can find the most strategic and aesthetic solution to help you in a efficient way. On average, during our 18 first years we are exposed to 350 000 adverts. My job is to make your voice heard in this jungle.


If you would like to get in touch regarding any projects or collaborations, you can reach me at :

• +337 86 39 93 10
• contact@florianelbty.fr
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I am 24 and I obtained an HBO in Graphic Design in 2014. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for more than 3 years and I have organized multidisciplinary events and exhibitions to promote local artists in Toulouse.



Silver Owl (Périgueux, FR) Monthly exhibition
Barallel (Toulouse, FR) Monthly exhibition
Musée Georges Labit (Toulouse, FR) Synesthesia by Nagual


Ombres Blanches (Toulouse, FR) Monthly exhibition
Lieu-Commun (Toulouse, FR) Croisées Créatives by Aparté


La Maska (FR) Nagual Project Birthday
Musée Georges Labit (Toulouse, FR) Synesthesia by Nagual
Jardin du Musée Les Abattoirs (Toulouse, FR) Excursion Électronique by Nagual
Ôbohem (Toulouse, FR) Excursion Électronique by Nagual
Radio Radio (Toulouse, FR) Croisées Créatives by Aparté
Le Connexion (Toulouse, FR) X-Arts by Aparté
Como Pedro por Mi Casa (Barcelone, ES) International Festival of Illustrated Books