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I am passionate about facades, lines and patterns. I like building, with a graphic perspective. My roommate was bored by the view from our window, so I started to take pictures of « my viewpoint » of this building to show him.

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is an introduction to my project géométrisation. I explore the relation between landscape and geometric composition. Deserted and dreamlike, I explore them with my geometric perspective.

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sensibilité géométrique

is a feeling lexicon, which presents 10 feelings expressed by abstracts compositions. This is a black & white project, focusing on the shapes’ experience.

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some mini worlds.

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is a storyboard of Control, a movie about the life (and suicide) of Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division. I decided to narrate this movie from the perspective of Ian Curtis’ feelings.

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disembodied discussion

Facebook is a pollution. It spreads very quickly and it blends in with our daily life without being detected. During my experience, the participants had contaminated my profile, using 50 previously-selected words.

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